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Piezo nanopositioning stage is based on piezoelectric actuator, it can move in X-axis, Z-axis, XY-axis, XZ-axis,XYZ-axis. Its structure is divided into piezo direct drive and mechanism amplified structure.
Under the same driving voltage and same piezo actuators, the displacement of the piezo stage adopting amplified mechanism is several to tens of times that of that adopting direct drive structure; The direct-drive piezo stage has faster response than that of the amplified piezo stage.
CoreMorrow piezo stage feartures up to travel range of the voltage level shifter can reach up to 1000μm, and it has nanometer resolution and millisecond response time. It plays a vital role in the field of precision positioning and has a wide range of applications, such as microscopic scanning, optical path adjustment, nanomanipulation technology, CCD image processing, laser interference, nanolithography, biotechnology, optical communication, nanometer measurement, Micromanipulation, nanoimprinting, etc.
The following is detailed introduction of the X-axis or Z-axis piezo nanopositioning stage from CoreMorrow, please click for details.
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