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Macro and micro composite drive precision positioning technology is one of the key supporting technologies in the fields of aerospace, precision machining, biological science and precision optics. With the development of science and technology, the demand for precision positioning technology for the stroke and accuracy of the positioning system is increasing. The macro and micro composite drive precision positioning technology overcomes the technical difficulties of traditional single drive positioning technology that it is difficult to achieve large strokes and high precision. It has great advantages in terms of volume, stroke, response speed, positioning accuracy, etc.

CoreMorrow mainly conducts research and development on practical applications, overcomes various technical problems, and perfectly combines the manual adjustment micro-motion stage with the piezoelectric nanopositioning stage, and extends the travel of the positioning stage to tens of millimeters, and reach the nanometer resolution to meet the application requirements of different large strokes and high precision requirements.

The following is piezo micrometer, macro and micro adjustment stages from CoreMorrow, please click to view details.

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