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Piezo controllers are used to drive and control  piezoelectric ceramics and nano positioning stages. They are mainly divided into modular, integrated, industrial, and board-type versions. Piezo controllers have multiple control methods such as analog, digital, keyboard, I/O, etc. Open-loop control, servo control, single-channel, multi-channel models are available. They can drive the piezo products from CoreMorrow and import piezo products.

The E00 piezo controller is a high-end modular piezoelectric power supply. It has four modules: power amplifier module, PZT Servo Control Module, Display and Interface Module, Chassis and Power Supply Module.

Power amplifier module is a necessary module for E00 piezo controller. It has voltage and power amplifier circuits inside. The function of this module is to amplify weak external analog input signals (or sent by computer through DA) and output.

PZT servo control module is an optional module for E00 piezo controller. It has a servo control algorithm circuit inside, and its function is to provide excitation signals for the internal sensors of piezoelectric actuating products, and receive, detect and process sensor feedback signals.

Display and interface module is also an optional module for E00 piezo controller. It has a liquid crystal display, computer interface and keyboard operation. The liquid crystal display can measure and display the output voltage and the current micro-displacement change value ; The computer interface can receive and process digital control commands from the PC; it can also be operated and set through the keyboard.

Chassis and power supply module is necessary module for E00 piezo controller. Its function is to provide power supply, heat dissipation, and chassis protection.

According to the different modules selected, E00 piezo controller can be divided into E00.A piezo amplifier (including Power Amplifier, Chassis and Power Supply), E00.B piezo controller (including Power Amplifier, Servor Control, Chassis and Power Supply), E00.C piezo amplifier (including Power Amplifier , Display and Interface, Chassis and Power supply), E00.D piezo controller (including Power Amplifier, Servo Control, Display and Interface, Chassis and Power Supply).

The following is E00 series piezo controller from CoreMorrow, please click for details.

For model selection, please refer to the selection guide of E00 piezo controller.


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