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Digital confocal microscopy is a new type of confocal microscopy technology. This technology is based on ordinary optical microscopes. It collects serial slice images of a series of biological cells, and uses mathematical algorithms to deconvolute the slice images on a computer to obtain high-resolution sequence images, through three-dimensional reconstruction, to achieve high-resolution three-dimensional display of cells. In digital confocal microscopy, in order to obtain accurate and equally spaced biological cell sequence slice images, it is necessary to drive the microscope objective lens and the stage with a relative stepped micro-displacement of tens of nanometers for acquisition. The use of piezoelectric ceramic control technology to drive the microscope objective lens can achieve the relative step and micro displacement between the microscope objective lens and the stage with high precision. In order to take advantage of the high precision and high response speed of the piezoelectric ceramic objective lens driver, motion control technology is the core of the control system.

The piezoelectric ceramic driver and controller produced by CoreMorrow can be perfectly applied to the digital confocal microscopy system. The system can be adjusted in real time with online feedback, and the control system can be driven by stepping and positioning, which can realize the control accuracy, response speed of the system.

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