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The 6-degree-of-freedom platform can move in six degrees of freedom, namely X, Y, Z, θx, θy, θz directions. Its parallel structure design is connected by six piezoelectric actuators, and each actuator is connected with the motion plane through a hinge. The movement of the entire motion platform is achieved by the expansion and contraction of the piezoelectric actuators of each, which is a complex spatial motion coordinated with six degrees of freedom.

Compared with the traditional stacked platform, it has higher rigidity, higher load capacity, and its structural design is complex, the error is more even, and the response speed is faster. But it is more difficult to control than other platforms with a single straight line or a single deflection, and the software design requirements are higher.

The six-degree-of-freedom parallel mechanism has a very high degree of flexibility, and can perform ultra-precision movement in any direction with six degrees of freedom. The six-degree-of-freedom parallel mechanism has a wide range of applications, including medical research, optical systems, microscopic imaging, and nano-precision positioning.

The following is CoreMorrow six-degree-of-freedom stages, please click for details.

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