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Micro-structured surface optical components are widely used in aerospace, energy and other fields, and they are the core components of optoelectronic subsystems.

Traditional multi-axis milling is difficult to meet the machining accuracy and low efficiency, and other new machining methods also have various shortcomings.

The ultra-precision turning processing technology can directly turn and process the microstructure surface with nanometer precision. Fast tool positioning stage is the key to machining microstructured surfaces. It determines the complexity of the microstructured surface that the system can process and the surface accuracy after machining. Therefore, fast tool positioning stage (FTS) must be able to achieve high frequency and high precision feed.

Due to the hysteresis characteristic of core component of  fast tool positioning stage, which increases the feed error of the FTS, a sensor feedback control mechanism is established for the piezoelectric actuators to realize the precise control of  fast tool positioning stage with high stability, high precision, and easy to integrate.

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