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Fast piezo steering platform based on the piezoelectric ceramic driver features fast response,  high resonant frequency and high-accuracy that is very suitable for fast laser deflection and scanning, and have been used more and more in the fields of semiconductor processing, aerospace, biomedicine, nanoscience research and etc.

CoreMorrow fast piezo steering platform adopts a hinge guide structure with zero friction and zero adhesion, and has excellent guide accuracy. Optional integrated sensor makes this steering platform have high linearity.

CoreMorrow fast piezo steering platform has a wide application, like adaptive optics, beam tracking and stabilization, image processing/stabilization, laser scanning, communication, light deflection, beam deflection/stabilization and other systems.

CoreMorrow fast piezo steering platform offers small size of only φ15.6mm by 10mm height.

The following are CoreMorrow fast piezo steering platforms, please click for details. Please refer to the selection guide for model selection.


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