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Piezo deformable mirror controller is specially developed and designed for driving the piezoelectric deformable mirror (PDM). The number of channels, output voltage and control method of the controller can be customized according to the parameters of your deformable mirror.

The design of the channel number of piezoelectric deformable mirror controller is very flexible. It can be selected according to the needs of customers. The number of channels can reach hundreds of channels, and a variety of output voltages are available, such as 0~150V, -300V~+300V, 0~300V,- 200V~400V, 0~400V, etc. Piezoelectric deformable mirror controller has a small output ripple and fast response speed, which can improve the control accuracy and deformation speed of piezoelectric deformable mirror, so that the piezoelectric deformable mirror can be quickly and accurately adjusted and respond to the optical path.


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