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Piezoelectric fiber reinforced polymer (MFC) is a kind of piezoelectric actuator and sensor with ultra thin properties. It can provide high performance, high flexibility and high reliability. MFC was invented by NASA in 1996. Its performance has been improved with the application, and can be customized to meet the special requirements of customers and new applications. MFC is widely used, such as aerospace (such as composite wing structure and deicing, helicopter rotor blade vibration control, UAV rudder control, complex structural health monitoring, the wing deformation, satellite boom vibration control, rudder vibration control), structure (energy independent structural health such as the monitoring of pipeline structural health monitoring, the wind turbine blade structure health monitoring, the railway track structure health monitoring and structural health monitoring of civil engineering structure, energy capture, etc.), industry (such as strain sensor, spot welding control, based on health monitoring and control valve high frequency guided wave, etc.) (such as the automobile industry structure health monitoring of spoiler shape control, user interface and control components of the transmission shaft touch, vibration control, air ultrasonic transducer, rotary component Test, impact sensor), the consumer market (such as shoes / sports products vibration energy capture, motion control products, touch user interface, energy independence, safety equipment etc.) below the standard size of Harbin core tomorrow science and technology limited company of the MFC, in addition to the standard size of the piezoelectric fiber composites, we it provides many special custom layout of MFC, to meet the requirements of the more complex pattern of our client application. Please click to view details.


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