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Piezo actuators can be used for micro positioning, valve control, shock absorption and sound wave generation. Piezoelectric ceramic micro-actuators as electromechanical transducers can convert electrical signals into mechanical displacements and apply them to adjustment control systems. Piezoelectric ceramics with multilayer stacked structure have small size, extremely high displacement resolution, fast response speed, and low voltage drive. , Large output power and other characteristics.
Amplified piezo actuator is a mechanism design of the stacked piezoelectric ceramics, combined with the flexible hinge support structure, the amplified structure and the housing structure into an integrated structure to form a mechanism amplified piezoelectric ceramic actuator, which makes it produce larger travel, and feature high micro-displacement resolution and strong stability.
The application of amplified piezo actuators is very wide, such as mechanics (new generation ultrasonic or sonic vibration, tool positioning, pick and place tools, diamond turning, elliptical piston machining, damping, dynamic control, NDT, Device fatigue monitoring, etc.), energy aspects (piezoelectric generators, energy recovery technology, electrical switches, etc.), optometry (FBG fiber Bragg grating deformation, optical lens positioning, micro-scanning, astronomy, focus positioning, laser cavity tuning , Fiber coupling and deformation, chopper, interferometer, modulator, PDP crystal cutting, etc.), fluidics (proportional valve, pump, flow measurement technology, inkjet technology, injector, droplet generator, particle flow meter, etc.) ), electronics (mask positioning, wafer or head processing, non-magnetic drive technology, circuit breakers, chip testing, etc.), aerospace (format control, active wing, active aileron, etc.), etc.
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For model selection, please refer to the Selection Guide for Piezo Amplified Actuators.


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