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    Technical Data
 Type 21075 Units
 Active axes X、Y
 Nominal travel(0~120V) 64 μm±20%
 Travel(0~150V) 80 μm±20%
 Size 160×100×34 mm^3
 Sensor SGS/CAP
 Closed/open-loop resolution 15/10 nm
 Linearity 0.03 %F.S.
 Repeatability 0.05 %F.S.
 Push/pull force 3000/20 N
 Unloaded resonant frequency
800 Hz±20%
 Load capacity 1 kg
 El.capacitance 36 μF±20%
 Material Steel
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    Technical Data
 Type 21075 Units
 Active axes X、Y
 Travel range(0~150V) >10 μm±20%
 Resolution 5 nm±20%
 Operating frequency(@1μm) 4000 Hz±20%
 Stiffness 150 N/μm±20%
 Blocking force 2000 N
 El. capacitance 7.2 μF±20%
 Material Steel, Aluminum
     Drawings(Click on the picture to enlarge it)
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