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Preloaded piezoelectric actuators with casing can be used for micro-positioning, valve control, shock absorption and sound wave generation. Piezoelectric actuators with casing as electromechanical transducers can convert electrical signals into mechanical displacements and apply them to adjustment control systems. Preloaded piezoelectric actuators with casing have small size, extremely high displacement resolution, fast response speed, and low driving voltage, large blocking force.
Preloaded piezoelectric actuators with casing is a mechanical design of stacked piezoelectric actuator, combined with a flexible hinge support structure and a housing structure into an integrated structure to form a packaged piezoelectric actuator, making it possible to have high micro-displacement accuracy, strong stability, and at the same time make up for the shortcomings of stacked piezoelectric actuator that cannot withstand tension. So it is more suitable for other harsh environments.
From the difference in driving voltage, preloaded piezoelectric ceramic actuators can be divided into high-voltage Piezoelectric actuators with casing and low-voltage Piezoelectric actuators with casing. The high-voltage preloaded piezoelectric actuators with casing are driven by high-voltage stacked piezoelectric stack. The low-voltage piezoelectric actuators with casing is driven by low-voltage piezoelectric ceramics. The driving voltage of low-voltage piezoelectric ceramics is generally about 150V, and that of high-voltage piezoelectric ceramics can generally reach 500V or 1000V; high-voltage piezoelectric ceramics have a lower electrostatic capacity, and the blocking force is generally much higher than that of low-voltage ones.
In terms of shape, preloaded piezoelectric ceramic actuators can be divided into ring Piezoelectric actuators with casing and cylindrical piezoelectric actuators with casing. The ring-shaped piezoelectric piezoelectric actuator has an aperture in the center, which can be used for the optical path to pass through or to meet the mechanical structure of special requirements.
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